About Us

It’s never easy starting a journey by yourself. Whether you are trying to start your own business, trying to lose weight, or learning a new skill. It’s always easier to have a community around you. That’s why I created “We Just Hustle”. Many people might ask we just hustle…in what. Well, that’s for you to finish the sentence. Some of us hustle at the gym, others in business, and many in life. All of our stories are different and that’s what makes use unique. 

Here is our founders hustle story:

I grew up in a low income household in a community with high gang violence. The odds of me graduating high school were slim and my odds to go to college almost didn’t exist. Only 33% of students in my community graduate high school and only 8% go to college. I’m happy to say I’m part of that 8%. However, it also made me disappointed to know that most of my classmates didn’t have the same opportunities I did. 

I was part of afterschool programs that had very limited spaces and required high efforts from the parents. So even if some of my classmates wanted to make a difference in their lives their parents also had to be on board to give them a hand. I am grateful that my parents were able to help me along the process.  My college road was a little bumpy but it became difficult in December of 2016. 

I came back home for Winter break thinking it was going to be like any other holiday. Enjoying time with family and unwrapping tamales. However, this winter break was different. My father has a small blister in the bottom of his foot that got infected. In two days, after going to the womb doctor, his foot swallowed up and we ended up in the emergency room. He had MRSA and on Christmas Eve the doctors amputated my father’s right leg. 

My father was the only income provider. My mom and my two younger siblings needed a roof over their heads and food on the table. This was the moment I knew I had to hustle to help my family. I decided to go back to college and work three jobs. I worked at the IT department in school, in the almond orchards, and I started building websites for small businesses. I ended with one of my highest grade point average that semester and I was able to help my parents. 

Many times we don’t know what we are capable of achieving until we are put into stressful situations. Whatever your story is or what you want to achieve is doable if you put your mind and soul into it. Just keep hustling and make your dreams come true. 

tall zim

– Zimrri Gudino 

Our mission is to create a culture of hustlers. My goal is to provide you with a ton of value on this site. We will go over topics in personal finance, investing, and side hustles to start.